Category: Meal Services

Services that deliver meal kits and/or fully cooked meals to the home.

smart home cooking blue apron

Smart Home Cooking Challenge: Blue Apron

Update April 18, 2020: We did this meal kit comparison in 2017. Read our latest summary of meal delivery services. For several years, we have been enjoying cooking at home more often thanks to...

Smart Home Cooking with Terra’s Kitchen

Update April 17, 2020: Terra’s Kitchen filed for bankruptcy in September 2019. Check out our latest meal kit comparison. Our latest experiment with smart home packaged cooking kits is Terra’s Kitchen. When we saw the...

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Smart Home Cooking with Home Chef

Update April 17, 2020: We reviewed Home Chef in 2015. Read our most recent meal service comparison. We continue our review of some of the the latest home delivery meal-kit services with Home Chef....