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We are technology enthusiasts exploring do-it-yourself smart home technology and its benefits in our everyday lives.  Valerie Antkowiak and Mark Pallone bring years of technology industry leadership and expertise, including software engineering, business development, marketing, sales and strategic programs.

Years ago we started tinkering with electronics in the house to try to make things easier and more efficient, starting with our home entertainment system. Before there was streaming Netflix and Hulu we were accessing our content from a Windows server with a Sony Play Station 3 to allow us to share pictures and music on our downstairs television.

We moved on to the rest of our home and now have automated almost every room with lighting, sensors and voice control. We focus on DIY smart home solutions and are constantly evaluating and testing new home tech.  

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The words and opinions published on this site are our own. if we get a product to test and we don’t like it, you won’t find a story or a video here. 

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