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Welcome to Our Smart Home Devices. Here we link to smart home devices running in the AppMyHome household. For your convenience, you can find links to purchase for most of the products we have tested and/or are currently using below. We’ve also included, where available, links to our relevant story or video. 

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Our Smart Home Devices may also be available on our Smart Home Shop on Amazon and other Smart Home sites.

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Alexa Devices – Amazon Echo Devices (Voice, Video), Alexa enabled devices

Amazon Echo Show

Buy: Amazon Echo Show

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Amazon Echo Show 5

Buy: Echo Show 5

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Amazon Echo Dot Third Gen

Buy: Amazon Echo Dot

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Health and Fitness – Healthy Sleep, Fitness devices, Smart Scale, Air Quality Monitors

Lighting, Switches and Outlets – Smart Light Bulbs, Switches and Outlets


Built-in, wiring required

Security/Safety – Smart door locks, Video Doorbells, Smart Smoke and CO detectors, Garage Door Openers, Alarm Systems

Smart Kitchen – Smart Kitchen Gadgets and Meal Kit Apps

Smart Solutions– Blinds, Irrigation, Garage Door Opener

Water, Heating and Cooling – Thermostats, Smart Vents, Smart Fans, Water Monitoring and Shutoff, Smart Irrigation Controllers, Smart Air Filters, Smart Blinds

Our Video Gear

This is the gear we use currently to make video content for YouTube, Facebook and other online site. You’ll need an iPhone or Android smart phone to complete the camera system. When assembled you’ll have an easy to carry gimbal stabilized camera with the smart phone as the display and the mic used for directional recording (which is important in noisy environments). We edit the video primarily on our 27″ iMac straight from the SSD because you need lots of processing power and storage speed. We do bring along a MacBook Air when we travel primarily to check out the video and copy the files each night from the camera SD Card to the SSD so we have two copies.

Recommended devices available by category on our Smart Home Shop on Amazon:

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