Local Smart Home Control with Zipato

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  1. You want the ultimate home controller that does everything for $100? Good luck. This is why there are custom systems from the likes of crestron and control4. These cheap controllers do a lot for their price tag. And you complain about $200, still cheap considering what it can do. And you can spend more on clothing these days, than an item that gives you control and security of your whole home. You also didn’t mention the monthly fees if thier are any, this also drives up the price of certain controllers too.

    • admin_amh says:

      Thanks for your comment! You are right, $100 controllers are definitely not going to compare to Creston and Control4. We aren’t really interested in systems like that as we want more flexibility and control. We appreciate many of the great features that Zipato has, and compared to some of the $100 and less hubs, it certainly has much better performance and stability. However, for the average home consumer who wants to get an easy to use system in their home, Zipato is certainly more expensive than the competition, at least at face value.

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