About our Smart Home

A few years ago we started tinkering with electronics in the house to try to make things easier and more efficient, starting with our home entertainment system. Before there was streaming Netflix and Hulu we were accessing our content from a Windows server with a Sony Play Station 3 to allow us to share pictures and music on our downstairs television.

In the last few years we have moved on to installing and tinkering with everything from our lights to our thermostats to our garage door. We are doing everything ourselves and accessing our gadgets through our phones and tablets.

With the proliferation of smart home devices, we believe there is nothing in our house that can’t be automated and we have created this blog to share our experiences and get your feedback and advice on what to do next.

We are Apple bigots so you won’t find any Android advice here – though I welcome you to share your Android equivalents in the comments.

For your convenience, you can find links to most of the products we have tested on Our Smart Devices.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.